"I just want the world to take cartoons as seriously as I do."

What Can I say about myself to convince you of my dedication to what I do?

How do I go about explaining the workings of my overactive imagination and my drive to be the best?

Is there a way to be poetic without sounding cheesy?


Anyway, I guess that I can start at the begining.

My name is PhiLip WiLLiam MiLLey.  I was born in a small town in northeast Ohio named Orrville. You may have heard of it.  Smuckers Jelly's Headquarters is located there.

Skip forward a few years.

Now I'm a young man, full of doubt and frustration, the way most young men are, and wondering what to do with my life.  I took a trip to Italy with a church group at my mothers suggestion, to see where my roots were.

It was on this trip that I decided I HAD to be an artist.  Now, one would think that it was all the masterful paintings, architecture, and old world craftmenship that inspired me, but this couldn't be farther from the truth.  (Don't misunderstand me, that stuff is amazing).  No, it was a silly little magazine cover in a small kiosk in the mountain town of Acici. It hit me like pure light hits a cockroach and I was stunned.  It was an manga magazine, and on it where three of the cutest girls I had ever seen.  Oh, sure, I had seen that stuff before, but this seemed different.  This seemed like a "lightbulb" momemt and without sounding corny, I fell in love.

After getting back from Italy, I immediately went about finding "what is this all about?"  I simply couldn't get enough, and there just was never enough.

I work hard everyday, and I am very passionate about what I do.  I set my standards high and don't compromise in order to get what I want. 

It is this drive and your interest, dear viewer, that fuels the fire in my heart.  Thank you.